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International Polymer Solutions

High Purity Valves for General Chemical Applications

It is essential to find reliable, high-performing valves when resistance to corrosive chemicals and other toxic substances is required. At iPolymer, we manufacture valves that highly corrosion resistant, and deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution for various industries.

PTFE Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Valves

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a non-reactive and non-stick coating that is useful in various industries that handle corrosive liquids or gasses, including aerospace, energy, and food & beverage.

The iPolymer PTFE HP Diaphragm Valve (HPV) and PTFE Sampling Metered Valve (SMV) we offer are developed and manufactured for use in high purity in aggressive chemical applications. These valves consist of 100% virgin PTFE wetted flow path, and are ideal for uss.

Acid Resistant Valves

Examples of our acid resistant valves include our stopcock valves that have a PTFE wetted surface design which is ideally useful for corrosive and harsh chemical media and environments.

The suckback valves we offer are perfect for photoresist, solvent, acid, and other process dispensed chemistries. These valves pull a vacuum, and stop the dispensing nozzle from dripping excessively.

Chemical Injection Valves

The chemical injection valves we offer are used across many industries, from pharmaceutical to wastewater processing and management. Each individual chemical injection valve we offer consists of PTFE construction which makes it useful for numerous high purity processes and applications. These are highly corrosion resistant valves that are completely inert. They have low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Valve Operations

The chemical injection metering valves we offer are perfect for applications in which precise dosing is required. For the application requirements, these valves can be managed based on the specific flow rate. Due to their corrosion resistance, they can easily handle various corrosive substances such as nitric acid, fluoride, sulfuric acid, and chlorine.

iPolymer product make controlling chemical injection valves is easy. We offer a PTFE pressure regulator that takes into account inlet source pressures coming from different storage tanks and vessels. No ongoing manual adjustment is required for valve design which enables more exact dosing while taking into account the variations in large inlet pressure.

When you need miniature solenoid valves, manual dispense valves, PTFE diaphragm valves, suckback and stopcock valves, or metering valve options, we have you covered for your general chemical valve application needs.

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