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The iPolymer Difference in Chemical Injection Valve Options

iPolymer offers a wide-range of options in chemical injection valve designs for any type of application. These valves are developed with a focus on reliability, dependability and optimal performance under the most challenging working conditions.

Used across a many industries, from wastewater management and processing, to pharmaceutical applications, these chemical injection valve options provide cutting-edge technology for any application.

Each of our chemical injection valve options has PTFE construction, which results in a valve that is suitable for any high purity type of process or application. In addition, with PTFE on all wetted surfaces of the valve, this is a highly corrosion resistant valve that is completely inert. Offering an extended life cycle and low maintenance requirements, these are the valves you can count on.

Operational Considerations

Our chemical injection metering valve is ideal in any application where precise dosing is a factor. These valves can be controlled to the specific flow rate, required for the application. With the high levels of corrosion resistance, even problematic injections including Sulfuric Acid, Chlorine, Fluoride and Nitric Acid can be handled with ease.

Controlling the chemical injection valve is also a simple process with our valves. We provide a PTFE pressure regulator that accommodates for inlet source pressures from various storage vessels and tanks. With the valve design, there is no need for continual manual adjustment, allowing for more precise dosing while accommodating for large inlet pressure variations.