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International Polymer Solutions

Suck Back Valves

Our iPolymer Suckback PTFE Valves are designed for applications where precise dosing and dispensing of high purity liquid are required.  These transfer liquids are typically, acid, solvent, and photoresist solutions, along with other process dispensed chemistries.  The iPolymer Suckback Valve has a vacuum-pull characteristic that will help prevent any excessive dripping from occurring at the dispensing nozzle.

The iPolymer Suckback PTFE Valve is constructed with an “all wetted” PTFE flow path, designed to maintain liquid purity through the product.  Our 104168 Suckback Valve incorporates the suckback feature in a normally closed pneumatic valve. When air pressure is removed from the valve actuator, an internal diaphragm is pushed upward, forming a small vacuum in the valve body. While the valve is closing, the vacuum sucks back the final droplets of process media, ensuring no excess waste. Once the vacuuming process is completed, the valve completely closes and seals the media flow path. Additional we offer users the ability to manually adjust the vacuum level - a unique feature to our iPolymer 104168 Suckback Valve.

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