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International Polymer Solutions

Nitrogen Spray Gun for Hostile Environments

There are many industrial applications where tools need to be able to withstand extreme conditions. Our nitrogen spray gun is designed to do just that. PTFE constructed, it is capable of working effectively in the presence of moisture, corrosive substances or other traditional agents of deterioration or decay.

Our nitrogen spray gun has been developed for use internationally, as well as for the domestic market. We are a global supplier of high purity fluid handling products, providing top-grade solutions for complex projects and tough working environments. Our selection of PTFE spray guns are designed to be versatile and outperform the industry standard, enabling our customers across the world to successfully complete their work.

We Can Customize Your Nitrogen Spray Gun if Required

Although most customers usually find that our stock nitrogen spray gun will meet their specifications, we are gully capable of tailoring your gun to suit your individual requirements. Ideal for tricky or innovative projects, our customization service gives you access to high-quality, dependable products that are exactly right for the function you've got in mind.

Non-Reactive PTFE Nitrogen Spray Gun

One major benefit of PTFE products is that they are non-reactive when exposed to a wide-range of different chemicals and compounds. This makes them a great choice for everything from chemical processing to bio-medical applications, water purification, sewage treatment, life sciences and similar industries. To find out more about our products or to discuss your requirements in more detail, call us at (949) 458-3731.