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International Polymer Solutions

PTFE Pressure Regulators 

iPolymer PTFE Pressure Regulator is designed for use in high purity DI water and aggressive chemical applications. Designed with a 100% virgin PTFE wetted flow path, the unit is ideal for DI Water Systems and any corrosive media that could cause premature damage to your equipment. Some of the most common applications for PTFE pressure regulators include the solar power, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries, due to their use of high purity fluids and gases.  At iPolymer, we are dedicated to being a worldwide supplier of engineered high-purity fluid handling products for businesses of all types.

In order to maintain continuous, unchanging pressure for liquids and gases, a PTFE pressure regulator reduces any high input pressure to a lower, baseline output pressure. These devices work to maintain a continuous output pressure, even when the input pressure fluctuates. All configurations of our PTFE pressure regulators are fitted for panel mounting, with an easy-to-grip adjustment knob. With our low torque Teflon coated stainless steel adjustment screw, manual operation is easy and reliable.

With a dedicated team of professionals ready to listen to your unique liquid transfer needs, we can help you narrow down the perfect design and size for your high purity fluid and gas control application. For more information about our iPolymer PTFE pressure regulators and our extensive inventory of PTFE valves and fluid control products, give us a call today at 949.458.3731, use our contact form, or request a free quote. We are a worldwide supplier of high purity fluid handling products.