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International Polymer Solutions

PTFE Metering Valve

At iPolymer, we offer PTFE Metering Valves for use in high purity fluid and gas handling applications. Manufactured from virgin pure PTFE, the wetted flow path can handle harsh chemistries without damage.  For these high purity applications, the inert nature of PTFE results in extremely low leachable flow paths.

Developed under ISO-9001 quality standards, these valves are designed to modulate liquid flow, with a multi-turn manual valve design.  The iPolymer Metering Valves (MV) utilizes a tapered stem-plug that allows for more incremental adjustments of the all-PTFE flow path, allowing fine-tuning of the media.  Additionally, our PTFE metering valves will seal to a drip tight fully closed shutoff position.

Two meet the varying needs of the industries we serve, iPolymer Metering Valves come in two configurations: Straight Flow Pattern ("A") and Angled Flow Pattern ("B"), meaning these valves can also alter the direction of the flow. The PTFE all-wetted surface design is intended for use with high purity liquid mediums, such as ultra clean DI water, harsh chemical media and food processing and manufacturing.  As with all metering valves, we recommend filtering the media prior to entering the valve. With any dirt or abrasive materials still in the media, components in the media flow path will wear prematurely.

With a dedicated team of professionals ready to listen to your unique liquid transfer needs, we can help you narrow down the perfect design and size for your high purity fluid control. For more information about our iPolymer PTFE metering valves and our extensive inventory of PTFE valves, pressure regulators and other fluid control products, give us a call today at 435.783.6040, use our contact form, or request a free quote. We are a worldwide supplier of high purity fluid handling products.