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International Polymer Solutions

PTFE Diverter Valves 

Our iPolymer Diverter Valve (DVTR) is a PTFE valve designed to effectively actuate and divert liquid flow from one flow path to a second. This pneumatic valve ensures the liquid is transported at a uniform speed and volume throughout the entire process. Well renowned for their use as corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, and acid resistant valves, PTFE diverter valves are ideal for manufacturing and processing systems that utilize harsh chemicals and highly pure liquids, such as DI water. At iPolymer, we are dedicated to providing the best, most durable PTFE valves and fluid control devices on the market.  Diverter Valve bodies are also offered manufactured from PVC, Polypropylene and PVDF.

Functioning as a shuttle valve, our DVTR valve diverts DI Water or Hazardous Chemicals to a separate drain or reclaim flow path. Through diversion, you can converge two flow paths into one, or slit one fluid path into two or more directions. By having a large orifice flow path, the DVTR Valve allows for rapid dumping of reservoirs and tanks. Additionally, the PTFE Coated Spring is isolated from the fluid media, helping maintain purity and proper functionality. With corrosion protection, high purity standards and maximum flow, PTFE diverter valves are the logical choice for any company with high purity liquid transfer needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to listen to your unique liquid transfer needs, and formulate a plan to get you the perfect product for your application. For more information about our iPolymer PTFE diverter valves and the extensive inventory of PTFE sanitary products we offer, give us a call today at 435.783.6040, use our contact form, or request a free quote.