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International Polymer Solutions

PTFE Diaphragm Valve Products

At iPolymer, we offer various types of plastic valve products, including PVC, PVDF, Polypropylene and PTFE diaphragm valve options to suit a number industrial and commercial applications.

PTFE Diaphragm Valve Uses and Applications

Diaphragm valves – also referred to as membrane valves – comprise a valve body along with at least two ports, a diaphragm, and a seat (saddle) upon which the valve is closed by the diaphragm.

Diaphragm valves can be designed as automated or manual in their operation. The application these devices are generally used as shutoff valves in process systems within food and beverage, industrial, semiconductor, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Benefits of Our PTFE Diaphragm Valves

One of the most significant advantages offered by our PTFE diaphragm valves is the high cycle life they possess, enabling them to remain functional in an optimum working condition for a longer period of time than valves made from other materials. PTFE provides several key advantages when using diaphragm valves for chemical process applications in particular. These include:

  • Chemical compatibility – Allows the valves to safely withstand and function with a wide-range of chemicals and chemical compounds.
  • Low friction properties – Ideal when deterring wear and tear in a process manufacturing environment.
  • Low surface adhesion – Helps ensure in the chemical media does not stick and the coagulation of liquids is minimized.

Due to the fact that PTFE is much more cost-effective than the majority of chemical resistant metals, the benefits mentioned above can lead to significant improvements and exceptional bottom-line results for businesses. These include increased production yield, improvements in the value of life, and cost savings over the long term.

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