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International Polymer Solutions

Miniature Solenoid Valves 

If you are in the market for chemical resistant solenoid valves, iPolymer has the selection and quality you need for your fluid transfer solution. Our iPolymer Miniature Solenoid Valves are electromechanically operated valves available with a 2-Way or 3-Way design. These PTFE solenoid valves use well-proven long-lasting copper wire coils to generate an electromagnetic force that actuates the valve diaphragm.  In order to best accommodate the numerous application these valves can be used for, the PTFE solenoid valves offered by iPolymer come in a variety of body configurations, with various seat sealing methods and coil power ratings. 

With a 100% PTFE wetted flow path, iPolymer miniature solenoid valves offer precision performance under extreme conditions. iPolymer also custom configures these valves for specific application requirements, including: vacuum applications and unique manifold configurations. Design your valves around your ideal semiconductor, pharmaceutical, bio-medical chemical process.  Configurable with EPDM, Viton, Aflas, or Kalrez O-Rings, or a PTFE Hard Seat, iPolymer valves are designed to work with unsurpassed chemical compatibility with a wide range of flow media.


  • PTFE design optimized for ultra clean and chemical compatibility.
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable coil response time from proven technology.
  • High Duty Cycle Rated with controlled ambient temperatures.
  • Valve seat and diaphragm designed for positive flushing and tight shut off.
  • Diaphragm configured to completely isolate solenoid coil from media.
  • O-ring seat configurations for vacuum and complex media applications.
  • Designed for aggressive media and elevated temperature.

Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to listen to your unique liquid transfer needs, and formulate a plan to get you the perfect product for your application. For more information about our iPolymer PTFE miniature solenoid valves and the extensive inventory of PTFE high purity products we offer, give us a call today at 435.783.6040, use our contact form, or request a free quote.