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PTFE Pipe Fittings and Connectors

At iPolymer, we offer PTFE connectors and fittings, including tee pipe fittings and elbow pipe fittings, that maintain purity of media through the use of virgin-pure PTFE to deliver protection against corrosion. Our selection of fittings and connectors are chemically inert, and designed and manufactured with all wetted surfaces that utilize exceptional quality fluoropolymer (PTFE).

PTFE Pipe Fittings for Various Industries

The plumbing supplies we offer at iPolymer are ideal for use in excessively corrosive environments. The industries that benefit from the use of our PTFE pipe connectors and fittings include chemical processing, semiconductor, gas handling, and pharmaceuticals.

Fitting Assembly

Pressure Ratings
Our PTFE pipe fittings and connectors offer exceptional performance at ambient room conditions, which include 120 psi for 1/16” fittings decreasing linearly to 80 psi for fittings up to 3/4" and 60 psi for fittings greater than 3/4".

The performance of our fittings at elevated temperatures up to 180°F/85°C is 90 psi for 1/16” fittings decreasing linearly to 60 psi for fittings up to 3/4" and 40 psi for fittings greater than 3/4".

Machined Fittings and Connectors

Fittings: Our PTFE connector options are among those machined from PTFE, in addition to standard and customized tube male connectors.

Ferrules: Also machined from PTFE, ferrule pipe fittings are designed and manufactured to withstand extreme media temperatures and environmental conditions.

Grippers: The Gripper which is contained in the Ferrule-Gripper two-piece assemblies are made from PVDF material.

Nuts: The TA style nuts have an anodized external aluminum band, and are machined from PTFE material. The HA style nuts consist of molded PVDF material. The TS styled nuts possess a stainless steel external band and, like the TA style nuts, are also machined from PTFE material.

Pressure Performance Rating

Ratings that measure the pressure performance of our PTFE pipe fittings, ferrule pipe fittings, and PTFE connectors are derived from industry standard material characteristics, historical data, and laboratory testing. A combination of extreme pressure and temperature can affect the performance of these products.

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