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Male Flare Fitting Products

Metal tubing --soft steel, aluminum, ductile copper, and more-- utilizes a type of compression fitting referred to as a flared fitting. At iPolymer, we offer an extensive selection of PTFE male flare fittings.

Applications of Male Flare Fitting Products

Our flare fittings are ideal for applications that involve the transfer of high-pressure fluids through a pipe. These fittings located on the end of copper tubing supply a strong connection to a fixed location using a threaded nipple. These connections are highly reliable over the long-term, and are thus used in difficult-to-access locations and mission-critical applications. The most frequently used flare fitting standards today are the 37° AN style and 45° SAE style.

Benefits of Flared Fittings

Flared fittings offer enhanced design and performance over standard pipe fittings, and can be used in applications involving thin to medium wall tubing. Flared fittings have replaced pipe fittings in most hydraulic design applications, particularly those involving aerospace and military equipment. In most hydraulic systems, the single flare SAE 37° is the standard fitting. Flare fittings are the most common connection type used in low to medium pressure applications. Prior to flaring a tube to match a fitting connection, the SAE standards for maximum tube wall thickness must be applied.

If you need flared fittings for your applications, we offer a wide range of options to meet your specific project requirements.

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