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International Polymer Solutions

Drain Valve and Dilution Valve Products

At iPolymer, we offer a variety of plastic valve products, including drain valve devices, to meet the requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Here is some information about out drain valve and dilution valve products:

iPolymer Drain Valve (DV) Options

Our Drain Valve series consists of a large-orifice valve with the capability to handle high volumes of corrosive fluid through an all-non-metallic wetted surface. This valve is manufactured from polypropylene or PVC, making it highly cost-efficient. It is also available in PTFE or PVDF.

The PVDF drain valve option consists of body components that optimize performance in harsh chemical and ultrapure conditions. EPDM, Viton or Kalrez O-rings are available with this option.

The iPolymer drain valve also comes in multiple configurations (2, 3, and 4-way), with an independent operation from each port. Operation of this drain valve is either by spring return or air to open/close. In the ordering format, either method of operation can be specified. Custom configurations are also available with these drain valves.

The application of these drain valves are primarily for the quick filling in draining of process tanks containing DI water, or mild solutions. Our drain valves machined from PTFE or PVDF is the ideal solution for hard to handle media.

Dilution Drain Valve (DDV)

When cooling and diluting solutions while draining is required, the Dilution Drain Valve is the ideal choice. This valve is designed to automatically shut off the drain if an interruption in the water flow occurs. Our DDV works with tanks having main drain port sizes of 3/8”, 1/2", and 3/4".

Features of the Dilution Drain Valve

Some of the key features provided by the Dilution Drain Valve include:

  • Our PVDF and PTFE all wetted surface designs resist harsh process environments such as those involving chemical corrosion
  • When dilution water is interrupted, the fail-safe design shuts the valve
  • Designed for easy hookup within a facility, requiring only the application of water pressure in the range of 30 psi to 90 psi.
  • Media operating temperature in the range of 32°F to 280°F (0°C to 140°C. Note: Slow drain rates will result from high dilution rates
  • A Screened Baffle Plate protects the Main Drain Port from chips and debris

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