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DI Water Valve | Features and Benefits

At iPolymer, our DI water valve products consist of ideal two-way valves for wet bench manufacturers, or any semi-conductor or chemical process facility in which the application involves the flow of ultrapure water in the control passage.

DI Water Valve Features

DI water valves have a wetted flow path free from elastomers, lubricants, and springs. The manufacturing of these valves consist of the body, assembly, and piston. The material of construction consists of three options: PVDF, polypropylene, and PVC. The bellows and backing plate construction for each of these three configurations utilize 100% Virgin PTFE in order to achieve the highest overall fluid handling performance and level of chemical inertness.

Options for the O-ring seal include Viton and EPDM. All DI valves come with high-performing stainless steel actuation springs. This new DI valve replaces the older version BECO multi-purpose valve.

Depending on the model chosen, the DI valve is actuated pneumatically to close or open.

DI Water Systems

At iPolymer, we manufacture numerous products for purified water processing systems and DI water systems. Within these systems we apply certain high purity polymer materials that do not promote the additional of ion particles in the water flow path. The use of these polymers helps prevent the development and spread of bacteria and viruses and also facilitates excellent chemical inertness within the media.

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