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DI Water Spray Gun for Multiple Industries

Deionized (DI) and purified water are often utilized in semiconductor manufacturing, refined chemical manufacturing, biological development, and pharmaceutical production applications. At iPolymer, we offer an array of DI water spray gun products that are ideal for these deionized water industry requirements.

Most deionized water systems, depending on the particular system used, include a stage designed to purify the water referred to as pass-through filtration. A large percentage of the dissolved and suspended mineral ions (salts) are removed during the deionization stage of the water purification process. The mineral ions eliminated include chlorides, sulfates, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, nitrates, and sodium.

The DI Water Spray Gun

Our DI spray guns are made with virgin PTFE and polypropylene, providing them with a long operating life in harsh acidic and corrosive environments. The nature of their design and the comfortable grip they offer to the user have made these spray guns the industry example in semiconductor fab plants, wet benches, and work processing stations.

The PTFE from which our DI spray guns are manufactured is a nonconductive material that provides exceptional resistance to strong electrical fields. Our spray guns also operate very well when exposed to hydrofluoric acid, a substance that can dissolve other materials such as metal and glass.

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