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DI Water Systems and Water Purification

Deionized Water and Purified Water are frequently used in refined chemical processes, biological development processes, pharmaceutical production processes and semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Depending on the system in use, most Deionized Water (DI Water) Systems include a pass-through filtration stage which also purifies the water. The deionization aspect of the water purification process is the removal of a high percentage of the dissolved and suspended mineral ions (salts). These mineral ions include Chlorides, Sulfates, Nitrates, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, and Sodium.

Water Purification SystemDI Water SystemWater Purification SystemRO-DI Water Purification System

Anion, Cation and Carbon DI Tanks

The most common DI Water Systems utilize a series of pass-through holding tanks which flow pressurized facility water through two chemical resins (Anion Resin and Cation Resin) and one or more carbon and fabric filtration tank or cartridges.

The Anion Resin Tank removes:

  • Chlorides (Cl)
  • Sulfates (SO4)
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Carbonates (CO3)
  • Silica (SiO2)
  • Hydroxyl (OH)

The Cation Resin Tank removes:

  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Sodium (Na)
  • Hydrogen (H)

iPolymer manufactures a complete family of products for DI Water Systems and Purified Water Processing Systems as well as water tanks. The key is combining a class of high purity polymer materials that do not contribute to the addition of ion particles in the water flow path. These polymers are also selected to ensure a high degree of chemical inertness and inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses within the media.

The DI Water flow path from the outlet of a certified DI Water Purification System to the point of client-use must be carefully reviewed. Each fitting, section of tubing, valve and dispensing device should be classified for DI Water use.

DI Water System Sketch

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known by its popular E.I. DuPont trade name Teflon®, is well suited for clean room and deionized water applications. The nature of PTFE, a pure Carbon and Fluorine long molecule bond, results in a highly inert, chemical resistant, hydrophobic material. PTFE is ideal for use in DI Water Systems.

iPolymer offers a number of Fluid Handling components for DI Water Systems

These include:

  • PTFE Fittings and Connectors
  • PTFE Tubing, FEP Tubing and PFA Tubing
  • PTFE Ball Valves, PTFE Check Valves, PTFE Metering Valves, PTFE Plug Valves
  • PTFE Solenoid Valves and PTFE Pneumatic Valves

These iPolymer PTFE Fluid Handling Products will also perform well within general Water Purification Systems, Water Distillation Systems, and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Systems.