Using a Nitrogen Spray Gun in the Most Challenging Conditions

Various industrial applications require the use of tools that can withstand challenging conditions. Our nitrogen spray gun is designed and manufactured to do just that. With a PTFE construction, it has the capability to operate successfully under the influence of various deteriorating and corrosive elements and agents, including moisture. At iPolymer, we supply nitrogen and other types of spray guns to customers on an international basis.

The polypropylene and PTFE construction of our spray guns provides them with a long service life even as they are subjected to acidic and corrosive conditions. Their design and comfortable grip has made them a popular industry standard for use in work processing stations, wet benches, and semi-conductor fabrication plants.

Providing Excellent Performance and Protection

Our nitrogen spray gun has been designed and manufactured for use both domestically and internationally. All of our PTFE spray guns are designed for exceptional performance beyond the industry standard as well as versatility for our customers to facilitate the successful completion of their applications and projects.

Wherever severe chemical environments are present involving the use of nitrogen dying or dispensing, our PTFE nitrogen spray guns can provide optimum anti-corrosion protection. The same strong materials that resist acid attacks used in the DI Water Spray is also used these nitrogen guns.

Customization Options

The majority of our customers discover that the stock nitrogen spray guns we offer can meet their requirements. However, we also have the capability to provide customization of your gun to match your specific needs. The customization services we offer are ideal for various types of innovative applications and help ensure you obtained the reliable and high quality products you need for the function you have in mind.

Non-Reactive PTFE Benefit

A significant advantage offered by PTFE products such as our nitrogen spray guns is their nonreactive nature when subjected to an array of various chemicals and compounds. As such, they function well in industry settings that include water purification, biomedical functions, life sciences, sewage treatment, and other comparable industries.

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