• Discover iPolymer’s Range of Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

    One of the most highly utilized valve types in an extensive list of applications, solenoid valves work to actively dose, mix, distribute, shut off, or release fluids in high-purity fluid transfer applications. iPolymer dedicates our business to the international distribution of quality, high-purity fluid handling equipment for companies in a vast array of professional industries. We offer multiple chemical resistant solenoid valves to meet your unique needs.

    Miniature and Sub-Miniature Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

    Robust material choices and designs allow iPolymer miniature and sub-miniature solenoid valves to offer impressive performance, under extreme chemical conditions. Configured as two-way and three-way valves, these high-purity valves work to electromechanically control fluid flow between multiple channels and ports. All iPolymer miniature chemical resistant solenoid valves can be customized with four different internal body configurations, and five different methods for seat sealing, with our sub-miniature options offering four internal body configurations and three methods for seat sealing. Intended for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, chemical processing, and biomedical industries, all of our chemical resistant solenoid valves are built with a virgin PTFE wetted surface design for maintaining high levels of purity.

    In addition to having multiple configurations available for our chemical resistant solenoid valves, iPolymer can custom design features like specialized port connection types, manifolded valve assemblies, longer wire leads (38”or 48”), and various power management options.

    iPolymer staffs some of the best industry professionals to help you find the perfect high-purity fluid transfer part or system for your business. Our chemical resistant solenoid valves are trusted in a number of industrial, chemical, and biomedical processing applications around the world. Invest in our long-term, high-performance fluid transfer solutions today! . Give us a call at 949.458.3731 or request a free quote.

  • Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Using Deionized Water

    Deionized water, or “DI water” is a mineral-free solution used in a number of industrial and medical applications. From pharmaceutical production and biotech, to industrial cleaning and manufacturing—this water absorbs ions upon contact, eliminating any calcified or corrosive build up on expensive equipment. Additionally, its neutral qualities make it a top-choice for water-based solvents that do not alter the composition of the solute. This makes it great for diluting medicines, foods, and chemicals used in biotech applications, along with being an effective ingredient for cleaning surfaces without harsh chemicals.


    At iPolymer, we are international suppliers of engineer high purity fluid handling products, used in a number of important industries, such as semiconductor production, life sciences, gas analytics, and general chemical production. Our DI water spray guns and water systems utilize a combination class of high-purity polymer materials that do not contribute to the addition of ion particles in the water flow path. We select these specialized polymers to ensure a high-degree of chemical inertness, along with preventing any potential bacteria and viruses that could develop within the media. Before making any purchasing decision, it is important to understand how deionized water would work in your specific application. Here are some general pros and cons to help you decide.

    Pro: Great for Cleaning and Lubricating Manufacturing Equipment

    For high-purity applications, such as pharmaceutical production and food and beverage production, DI water is a great choice for cleaning or lubricating a manufacturing system. This helps prevent any calcified or corrosive build up that could harm your system, or negatively impact its efficiency.

    Con: Does Not Remove Organic Material

    As the name suggests, the process of deionizing water removes all ions – or charged non-organic particles – from the water. This process effectively purifies it for a number of uses, but is not able to filter out many of the organic materials and microscopic contaminants. Because of this, many high-purity applications using deionized water may also have to apply water filters and a reverse osmosis process to eliminate as many contaminants as possible. The distillation process, on the other hand, is able to remove a number of contaminants beyond just ions, and offers greater purity levels than deionization alone. Despite this, distillation takes a long time, has a hefty price tag, and still does not remove any organic contaminants.

    Pro: Easier and Cheaper to Produce

    Compared to distilled water, DI water can be produced quickly, at a significantly cheaper rate. Sine distilling the water requires boiling and cooling, this process can take a lot of time and energy costs that may not be necessary for your application needs.

    iPolymer is happy to serve the needs of many industry partners looking for high-purity fluid handling products. Our DI water spray guns and water systems are built to last, in the most robust manufacturing and processing applications. If you are in the market for a DI water system or system accessories, iPolymer is the clear choice. Give us a call today at 949.458.3731 or request a free quote.

  • The Importance of High Purity Fluid Handling Products in your Critical Chemical Systems

    High-purity fluid handling is a delicate, intricate process that can involve numerous complex components and systems. Companies that process hazardous chemicals, or utilize them in their manufacturing environment rely on high purity liquid transfer equipment on a daily basis. To achieve the purity required by various industry applications, iPolymer utilizes variety of engineered polymers, such as PTFE, Polypropylene, PFA, PVC, PEEK, and PVDF. A pneumatic valve, chemical resistant solenoid valve, fitting or connectors are just a few examples of the various components and equipment we offer. Here are some of the reasons our high purity fluid chemical resistant solenoid valves work great for critical chemical systems. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • What Material Should Be Considered to Carry Your Laboratory Agents?

    Posted on by IAC

    Highly resistant to corrosion and heavy acids, chemical resistant solenoid valves are one of the most vital components in the high-purity liquid transfer process. Manufactured using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), our valves function as both corrosion resistant valves and acid resistant valves. These work well with high purity media, such as 18 megohm deionized water, or with super acidic (low pH) or caustic (high pH) chemicals. At iPolymer, we are worldwide suppliers of engineered high-purity fluid handling products, such as PTFE valves, manifolds, spray guns and connectors. Maintaining purity and chemical resistance are some of the key features of PTFE material, making it ideal for chemical handling. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • Effects of High and Low Temperatures on PTFE Performance

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    If you are involved in high purity fluid handling processes, it is important to know the impact of various environmental factors on your processing equipment. One of the most common materials used for high purity liquid transfer parts and components is Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE – a common high-density plastic material that will not compromise or contaminate the liquid being handled. Industries like chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage all rely on Polytetrafluoroethylene valves and components to ensure their mix is unaltered and pure throughout the entire process. In order to ensure your process is performing its best, it is also important to know how temperatures can affect the PTFE material. At iPolymer, we are proud to be a worldwide supplier of engineered high purity fluid handling products, committed to providing the highest quality PTFE valves, fittings, spray guns and more. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • Applications and Uses of PTFE in Industry Process

    In various processing applications, PTFE valves and components are highly utilized for various high purity liquid transfer applications. From the food and beverage industry, to the chemical processing in the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries – there are several high-value industries that rely on these parts and components for the integrity of their product. That is why iPolymer specializes in some of the highest quality PTFE valves and components for your business. We keep our inventory stocked with various sizes and designed to fit your exact application, and can even offer custom options for application requirements not easily met by our stock items. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • iPolymer Polypropylene Valves and Other Valve Types

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    At our facility in Irvine, CA iPolymer develops and produces a wide-array of high-purity, pneumatically actuated fluid handling valves. We offer various polypropylene valves and other valve options to fulfill your industrial requirements, whether that involves stopping or releasing fluid flow, maintaining single fluid direction, or dividing the flow of a fluid. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • Sanitary Centrifugal Pump Operation for Efficient Sanitary Systems

    At Lincoln Suppliers, Inc., we are your premier provider of sanitary systems for commercial businesses that deliver services in the food and beverage, biomedical, pharmaceutical industries. We understand the value of having exceptional quality pumps for the efficient and successful operation of sanitary systems. Part of our services includes delivering centrifugal pumps manufactured by top companies in the sanitary centrifugal pump industry. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • Using a Nitrogen Spray Gun in the Most Challenging Conditions

    Various industrial applications require the use of tools that can withstand challenging conditions. Our nitrogen spray gun is designed and manufactured to do just that. With a PTFE construction, it has the capability to operate successfully under the influence of various deteriorating and corrosive elements and agents, including moisture. At iPolymer, we supply nitrogen and other types of spray guns to customers on an international basis. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • DI Water Spray Gun | Features and Benefits

    At iPolymer, we manufacture a comprehensive array of products for deionized (DI) water systems and purified water processing systems, including our DI water spray gun. The key to these systems is utilizing a category of high purity polymer materials that do not facilitate additional ion particles within the water flow path. The purpose of using these polymers is to help ensure exceptional chemical inertness and also prevent the development of viruses and bacteria within the media. Continue reading  Post ID 282