PTFE Diaphragm and Membrane Valve Products | Applications and Benefits

At iPolymer, we offer an extensive selection of plastic valves, including options in the PTFE diaphragm and polypropylene valve categories, to meet the needs of various commercial and industrial applications.

Applications of PTFE Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves are also called membrane valves and consist of a valve body, diaphragm, a minimum of two ports, and a seat which is closed by the diaphragm. Diaphragm valves are manufactured as pneumatic or automated devices. They are often used as shutoff valves within process systems for the biotech, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industry sectors.

PTFE Diaphragm Valve Benefits

Our PTFE diaphragm valves offer the significant benefit of having a high cycle life, which enables them to stay operational at an optimum level longer than other types of valves manufactured from other materials. When it comes to diaphragm valves used in the pharmaceutical industry, PTFE offers several distinct advantages, including:

Chemical Compatibility

This benefit enables PTFE diaphragm and membrane valves to operate safely with a range of chemical compounds. This makes these valves highly versatile and useful for a variety of experiments, tests, and manufacturing procedures.

Low Friction Properties

These properties are ideal and crucial for preventing wear and tear in pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions. The benefits include reduced downtime from maintenance operations and lower part replacement costs.

Low Surface Adhesion

PTFE possesses low surface adhesion as opposed to other materials that may develop issues related to surface adhesion. As a result, PTFE diaphragm and membrane valves do not stick to powders or pills in pharmaceutical applications. In addition, coagulation is minimized when working with liquids.

Businesses can benefit significantly in their bottom line through the benefits derived from PTFE’s cost-effectiveness when compared to many other types of metals. The results businesses can expect from the use of PTFE diaphragm and membrane valves include cost savings over the long run and increased levels of production. These represent significant gains that add up over the long term in the competitive pharmaceutical research and manufacturing industry sector.

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