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  • Discover iPolymer’s Range of Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

    One of the most highly utilized valve types in an extensive list of applications, solenoid valves work to actively dose, mix, distribute, shut off, or release fluids in high-purity fluid transfer applications. iPolymer dedicates our business to the international distribution of quality, high-purity fluid handling equipment for companies in a vast array of professional industries. We offer multiple chemical resistant solenoid valves to meet your unique needs.

    Miniature and Sub-Miniature Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

    Robust material choices and designs allow iPolymer miniature and sub-miniature solenoid valves to offer impressive performance, under extreme chemical conditions. Configured as two-way and three-way valves, these high-purity valves work to electromechanically control fluid flow between multiple channels and ports. All iPolymer miniature chemical resistant solenoid valves can be customized with four different internal body configurations, and five different methods for seat sealing, with our sub-miniature options offering four internal body configurations and three methods for seat sealing. Intended for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, chemical processing, and biomedical industries, all of our chemical resistant solenoid valves are built with a virgin PTFE wetted surface design for maintaining high levels of purity.

    In addition to having multiple configurations available for our chemical resistant solenoid valves, iPolymer can custom design features like specialized port connection types, manifolded valve assemblies, longer wire leads (38”or 48”), and various power management options.

    iPolymer staffs some of the best industry professionals to help you find the perfect high-purity fluid transfer part or system for your business. Our chemical resistant solenoid valves are trusted in a number of industrial, chemical, and biomedical processing applications around the world. Invest in our long-term, high-performance fluid transfer solutions today! . Give us a call at 949.458.3731 or request a free quote.

  • The Importance of High Purity Fluid Handling Products in your Critical Chemical Systems

    High-purity fluid handling is a delicate, intricate process that can involve numerous complex components and systems. Companies that process hazardous chemicals, or utilize them in their manufacturing environment rely on high purity liquid transfer equipment on a daily basis. To achieve the purity required by various industry applications, iPolymer utilizes variety of engineered polymers, such as PTFE, Polypropylene, PFA, PVC, PEEK, and PVDF. A pneumatic valve, chemical resistant solenoid valve, fitting or connectors are just a few examples of the various components and equipment we offer. Here are some of the reasons our high purity fluid chemical resistant solenoid valves work great for critical chemical systems. Continue reading  Post ID 282

  • Considerations When Selecting iPolymer Chemical Resistant Solenoid Valves

    At iPolymer, we specialize in high purity valves and products for a wide-range of industries, from chemical processing facilities, to clean room applications. While we do provide standard types of valves, including various materials of construction, flow configurations and seat sealing methods, we also work directly with companies to create custom valves for unique applications.

    Our line of chemical resistant solenoid valves is a great example of our options in products. We provide a range of different variables which can be selected in the valve types, with 6,000 possible configurations available. All of these valves are designed with PTFE as the surfaced for all wetted areas of the valve.
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