Applications and Uses of PTFE in Industry Process

In various processing applications, PTFE valves and components are highly utilized for various high purity liquid transfer applications. From the food and beverage industry, to the chemical processing in the Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries – there are several high-value industries that rely on these parts and components for the integrity of their product. That is why iPolymer specializes in some of the highest quality PTFE valves and components for your business. We keep our inventory stocked with various sizes and designed to fit your exact application, and can even offer custom options for application requirements not easily met by our stock items.

With an array of PTFE check valves, ball valves, connectors, chemical resistant products and more, iPolymer specialize in providing high-purity engineered polymer fluid handling solutions to the global market. Our corrosion and acid resistant PTFE valves are perfect for continuous use in any sanitary or etching process setting. From processing food, to chemical injection, iPolymer PTFE valves and components aid in high purity liquid transfer, offering numerous sizing and custom solutions, depending on your exact needs.

With a dedicated team of professionals ready to listen to your unique liquid transfer requirements, we can help you narrow down the perfect design and size for your high-purity fluid handling application. For more information about our extensive inventory of PTFE valves, pressure regulators and other fluid control products, give us a call today at 949.458.3731, use our contact form, or request a free quote. We are a worldwide supplier of high purity fluid handling products.


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