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PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve | Delivering Precision Performance

At iPolymer, we offer a product line PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve that delivers precision performance under the most challenging operational conditions. The all-wetted PTFE design of these control valves makes them the perfect option for delivering a precise level of performance under highly demanding conditions in various industry applications, including those in life science, general chemical handling, water, wastewater, and pharmaceutical.

Through their PTFE construction, these valves possess exceptional inert characteristics that are ideal for high purity applications and a high level of chemical resistance when exposed to corrosive substances.

PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve Benefits

Available with numerous options, our iPolymer Chemical Injection Control Valve is designed to solve the most challenging problems involving chemical dosing. The process chemistries addressed by this control valve include the injection of ammonia, nitric acid, fluoride, sulfuric acid, parasitic acid, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide. The valve controls and self-regulates the dosage flow rate of injected chemistry to gallons per hour (GPA).

Our iPolymer PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve is configured in the factory with a PTFE pressure regulator that permits multiple inlet source pressures from fixed chemical vessels in storage tanks. With this control valve, there is no need to make manual adjustments over time for large variations in inlet pressure. The design of the control valve includes a tapered quarter turn orifice that controls the flow of media up to a 10:1 ratio.

Our PTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve comes with several quarter-turn actuation and porting options.

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