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Facts about Solenoid Valve


M223W4DFR-LV-123 Demystified


Please read this page to demystify and clarify facts about Solenoid Valve part number: M223W4DFR-LV-123

iPolymer Solenoid Valve p/n M223W4DFR-LV-123 originated from a TEQCOM Industries custom design.

This Teflon (PTFE) Solenoid Valves is used in a number of laboratory and high purity fluid/gas process applications.  One of these applications is within Series 49c and 49i Analyzers.

The Valve deconstructed:

       •   M = Miniature Series constructed with PTFE body, diaphragms and stem.
•   22 = 1/8" FNPT with 1/8" Orifice
•   3W = 3 - Way port construction
•   4D = 20Vdc - 6.7Watt - 0.34amp coil
•   F = FNPT port construction
•   R = Round compact body
•   L= low watt design
•   V = Viton O-Ring Valve Seat
•   123 = Orientation of Port in NC-C-NO configuration

For Series 49x vacuum applications, the M223W4DFR-LV-123 part number has been superceded with two new custom part numbers:

The Series 49i Analyzer with its upgraded 24Vdc power supply, uses Solenoid Valve p/n is SV-111747-501 (which is very similar to above but with a 24Vdc coil and 25inHg vacuum test protocol).

The Series 49c Analyzer with its original 20Vdc power supply, uses Solenoid Valve p/n is SV-111747-502 (this special part number includes the 25inHg vacuum test protocol).

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