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Our Compression Tube Fittings – Features and Applications

Tube fittings connect sections of tubing together to achieve different configurations. Systems that are comprised of tubes, often include numerous straight sections connected together by fittings. At iPolymer, we are your premier provider of high purity tube fittings for commercial and industrial applications.

Compression Tube Fittings

These fittings connect tubing together through the use of compression with a combination of a ferrule and gripper. These fittings are perfect for fast, easy installations. Our tube fittings are designed and manufactured for specific connection types and functions. They each provide specific capabilities and benefits.

Most tube fittings are using other hydraulic or pneumatic systems. It is important to understand the types of systems that use these fittings in order to select the right one for your application:

Hydraulic applications involve the transfer of liquids, such as water or solvents. The tube fittings used in these applications have seals that prevent leaking. They are also chemical-corrosion and rust resistant.

Pneumatic applications involve the transfer of gas and utilize tube fittings with chemical corrosion resistance and tight seals that prevent gas leakage.

At iPolymer, you can count on our team to help you find the specific tube fittings you need for your project or individual application.

To learn more about the compression tube fittings we offer at iPolymer, call us today at 949.458.3731, use our contact form to send us a message, or request a free quote directly from our website.