What Material Should Be Considered to Carry Your Laboratory Agents?

Highly resistant to corrosion and heavy acids, chemical resistant solenoid valves are one of the most vital components in the high-purity liquid transfer process. Manufactured using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), our valves function as both corrosion resistant valves and acid resistant valves. These work well with high purity media, such as 18 megohm deionized water, or with super acidic (low pH) or caustic (high pH) chemicals. At iPolymer, we are worldwide suppliers of engineered high-purity fluid handling products, such as PTFE valves, manifolds, spray guns and connectors. Maintaining purity and chemical resistance are some of the key features of PTFE material, making it ideal for chemical handling.

Whether you are using acidic chemicals to etch wafers, or diluting pharmaceutical chemistries with high purity DI water, the materials you choose to conduct the fluid transfer matter. Materials with extremely high or low pH levels will cause any piping, valves, or vessels to corrode quickly if using a metal-based material. PTFE valves, fitting, manifolds, and more are resistant to this corrosion, and are the best choice for transporting high purity liquids and gases for downstream use.

Adding to their high levels of corrosion and chemical resistance, PTFE components also offer high levels of temperature-resistance, with a temperature range between -300 and +450 oF. While PTFE is able to hold its structural integrity at those temperatures, reaching such extreme levels of hot and cold can cause thermal expansion and loss of strength, resulting in a less durable and inefficient device. Because of this, the true working temperature range of PTFE is between -20 and 200oF.

iPolymer has a team of industry professionals dedicated to finding solutions for any unique liquid and gas transfer requirements. For more information about our expansive selection of PTFE valves, pressure regulators and other fluid control products, give us a call today at 949.458.3731, use our contact form, or request a free quote.


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