The Importance of High Purity Fluid Handling Products in your Critical Chemical Systems

High-purity fluid handling is a delicate, intricate process that can involve numerous complex components and systems. Companies that process hazardous chemicals, or utilize them in their manufacturing environment rely on high purity liquid transfer equipment on a daily basis. To achieve the purity required by various industry applications, iPolymer utilizes variety of engineered polymers, such as PTFE, Polypropylene, PFA, PVC, PEEK, and PVDF. A pneumatic valve, chemical resistant solenoid valve, fitting or connectors are just a few examples of the various components and equipment we offer. Here are some of the reasons our high purity fluid chemical resistant solenoid valves work great for critical chemical systems.

What Sets our High Purity Valves Apart?

Design, features and choice materials all set our high purity valves and fluid handling equipment apart from the rest. The wetted interior surface of our valves is designed to provide a completely smooth surface to aid in achieving high purity liquid transfer, without the risk of cross contamination from fraying metals or plastics debris. Additionally, the various engineered polymer materials we offer have great resistance to both high and low temperatures, maintaining structural integrity and full functionality between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and +200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another key aspect that sets our high purity valves apart is the flow path. Our flow path is designed to be completely isolated, ensuring the media only contacts specialized fluoropolymer materials that are highly inert with great levels of resistance to chemical corrosion.  Fluoropolymer materials, such as PTFE, PFA, PEEK, and PVDF, are known to resist chemical corrosion better than metals and maintain their inert nature when exposed to a wide range of chemical media.

Polytetrafluoroethylene, (PTFE), is considered one of the most inert fluoropolymers in its class of engineered plastics.  The strong covalent bond of pure carbon and fluorine atoms aligned in a polymer strand is the key to PTFE inert characteristic.  Our pure PTFE diaphragms and valve bodies are key attributes to our high purity liquid transfer product lines.

Our staff of industry experts can manufacturer a variety of high purity liquid transfer products, including chemical resistant solenoid valves for use in critical chemical systems. Are you ready to take on your next project with confidence? Numerous high purity components and valves make iPolymer a clear choice. Give us a call today at 949.458.3731 or request a free quote.


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