High Purity Valves and Other Pneumatic Valves from iPolymer

At iPolymer, we offer a Pneumatic Valve Family that includes an extensive array of pneumatically actuated fluid handling high purity valves that are designed, manufactured, and distributed from our facility in Irvine, CA.

The Pneumatic Valve Family we offer at iPolymer is divided into three broad categories:

General Purposes Mild Chemistry and DI Water Valves

These valves include Drain Valves, DI Water Valves, General Water Valves, Multi-Purpose Valves, and H2O Water Valves. The major parts of these valves are manufactured from polypropylene, PVC, or PVDF.

High Purity Valves (all-wetted-surfaces 100 percent PTFE)

These valves include Inline Diaphragm Valves, Teflon Pneumatic Valves, Chemical Resistant Valves, and Miniature Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), referred to commonly by its trade name Teflon®, is highly applicable for applications such as clean room, harsh chemical, and deionized water.

The iPolymer PTFE HP Diaphragm Valve (HPV) is designed and manufactured to be used in aggressive chemical and high purity water applications. It includes a 100 percent virgin PTFE wetted flow path and is the optimal choice for DI water systems and corrosive media found in applications such as chemical process, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical.

Provided in 2-Way NO, 2-Way NC, and 3-Way port configurations, the PTFE HPV2 and HPV3 all wetted diaphragm valves are the ideal addition to the Many and Submenu pneumatic valve families we offer.

The design of the iPolymer HP Valve is exceptionally compact, making it particularly applicable for tight quarters in process panels and cabinets. A number of HP units can be rack mounted on a shared Polypro base for simple and convenient installation.

These high purity valves are designed to handle extremely harsh/caustic chemicals, as well as ultra-pure media. The body of the valve and other interior components that are subjected to fluid media are made from PTFE.

Specialty Valves

These specialty valves include our Diverter Valves, Dilution Drain Valves, and Quick Dump Valves. The major components of these valves are made from PVC, PVDF, or Polypropylene.

Compressed dry air is the major actuation source in these pneumatic devices. Therefore, we recommend chemically or mechanically drying the air supply in order to prevent moisture accumulation inside the pneumatic actuator.

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