High Purity Polymer Solutions

iPolymer specializes in high purity polymer solutions for critical applications requiring fluoropolymer devices and fixtures.

iPolymer manufactures fluid and gas handling products for semiconductor, life science, sanitary and general chemical handling environments utilizing PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PEEK, Polypropylene and other polymers. Standard products includes pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, manual valves, air cylinders, spray guns, fittings & connectors.  Please visit www.ipolymer.com


ips-actuated-ball-valvePTFE Chemical Injection Control Valve – for dispensing or injecting concentrated chemistries into a process at a controlled rate. confab-parts

Precision Machined PTFE Solutions

fluid-handling-productsComplete Family of Fluoropolymer Products: ranging from valves, fittings, spray devices to custom manifold solutions.

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