DI Water Spray Gun | Features and Benefits

At iPolymer, we manufacture a comprehensive array of products for deionized (DI) water systems and purified water processing systems, including our DI water spray gun. The key to these systems is utilizing a category of high purity polymer materials that do not facilitate additional ion particles within the water flow path. The purpose of using these polymers is to help ensure exceptional chemical inertness and also prevent the development of viruses and bacteria within the media.

Deionized (DI) water and purified water are used often in biological development, refined chemical, semiconductor manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production processes. At iPolymer, we offer a range options to meet your industry requirements.

DI Water Spray Gun

The DI spray guns we offer at iPolymer are manufactured with polypropylene and virgin PTFE that gives them a long service life in corrosive and harsh acidic conditions. As a result of their design and comfortable grip, these spray guns are serving as the industry standard in work processing stations, wet benches, and semiconductor fabrication plants. Our spray guns may be purchased on an individual basis, or with various types of hoses and fittings. The design of our spray guns products eliminates stagnant, pooling water, which discourages the growth of bacteria.

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