Comparing Providers Of High Purity Valves

In many processing and manufacturing applications, choosing high purity valves and system components is a requirement for the job. At iPolymer, we have become experts at providing high purity actuators, fittings, valves, and spray guns to companies in the pharmaceutical, medical, high-purity laboratory, and general types of sanitary and chemical processing sectors.

With our expertise and our ability to work with our customers to create the custom sizes and options in all of our products they need, we have a built a solid reputation as a top partner for all types of high-purity engineered polymer fluid handling systems. With our experience in the field, we have the engineers, and the manufacturing processes, to create the ideal high purity valves for even the most challenging of applications.

Of course, there are many other companies that produce these types of valves. By understanding the differences, you can expect from working with iPolymer, we know that you will immediately notice the difference.

Quality Control

Our high purity valves are produced under very demanding quality control protocols and procedures. As an ISO-9001 2015 certified company that is ANAB accredited and certified through NSF, we use the most rigorous of processes in all of our production and manufacturing operations.

Options in Valve Materials

Our standard valves, as well as our custom order products, can be manufactured from various materials based on the needs of a particular application. Common materials include PTFE, PVDF, PVC, PFA, PEEK, as well as polypropylene.

These material options all provide the corrosion resistant smooth interior wetted surfaces for all of our valves to ensure long life cycles and eliminate the common issues of bacteria and growth in the valves over time.

The first step in choosing custom valves or those in standard sizes starts with evaluating your needs. Our team of experts in the field of high-purity components can work with you to find the right device for the job. Give us a call at 949.458.3731; we would be happy to help!


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