Adjustable PTFE Pressure Relief Valve

At iPolymer, we offer a wide-range of plastic valve products that also include pressure relief valve options to accommodate the requirements of industrial and commercial customers. The PTFE fully adjustable pressure relief valve we offer is one of our premier valve products.

Basic Function of Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves, also referred to as safety relief valves, are triggered to open at a designated pressure and expel fluid until the pressure reduces to an acceptable level. In its operating condition, this pressure relief valve is typically closed until upstream pressures increase to a predetermined set pressure. When that set pressure is reached, the valve opens, and continues to open wider, enabling additional flow as the pressure increases. The valve starts to close again when the upstream pressure drops to a few PSI below the set pressure.

PTFE Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

A 100-percent pure PTFE Valve Body and Valve Plug are used in the manufacture of the iPolymer Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). The single O-ring design enables the user to choose EP, Viton, or Kalrez (FFKM eq.) according to the flowing media. The PRV we offer is factory-configured for a pressure between 10 psi and 90 psi.

Within the above-mentioned pressure range, this PTFE pressure relief valve is fully adjustable by the means of a simple adjustment to the upper Socket Hex Adjustment Screw and then a simple lock-in-place with the associated locking nut. The three upper housing and lower base configuration options available with our PRV are: Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), Polypropylene (PP), and Anodized Aluminum (AA).


The following features and benefits are present with our PTF pressure relief valve:

Teflon coated spring kept separated from contact with media

  • Complete adjustability within a selected 80 psi range
  • Ideal for use with harsh chemical applications
  • All wetted high purity flow path


Our PTFE adjustable pressure relief valve can be used in a number of different applications, including:

  • Safety relief from the use of a water hammer
  • System protection for low-pressure components in circuits
  • Expansion container pressure relief
  • Pump operation pressure relief
  • Flow channel operation pressure relief

From our factory we also honor special manufacturing requests.

For additional information about the adjustable PTFE pressure relief valve options we offer, call us today at 949.458.3731, complete our contact form, or request a free quote through our website.


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